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The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

How to flash OPPO phones, or the way OPPO phone software works. These are just terms everyone is looking for in order to update the phone or even correct problems or errors that occurred before in the .OPPO phone

 and for this we offer you the basic and official way to work Soft Wear the OPPO phone in the correct way and without errors to avoid any malfunction of OPPO phones, so follow this article to learn the correct 
flashing method.

How to flash OPPO phones

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How to work software for all OPPO phones

Introductory introduction:

OPPO has become one of the most pioneering companies in the field of smartphones in record time, and it is a well-known company in the field of electronics, and for some time the company devoted a branch of it to the production and manufacture of smartphones, and the headquarters of this company in China and OPPO phones became competing with international brands and put themselves in its place in the middle Giants, whether in China or abroad.

But the problem that users of OPPO phones and other phones face, is the problem of system crashes or the defect that occurs to the software files on the phone, whether this problem is due to a defect in the system, or whether it is a result of the phone being exposed to viruses or malicious files.

Some of these problems cause the OPPO phone to stop on the logo, causing the user upset and uncomfortable, so I came to you with the OPPO Customer Service Tool program, and this program is specially prepared for OPPO phones, as is the case with Samsung phones for the Odin program that we use to download the software. For Samsung phones.

The OPPO Customer Service Tool program is usually used to fix some problems such as unlocking the pattern, fixing the serial or imi, and most importantly, the correct flashing of all types of phones that carry MTK and Qualcomm processors, and this program is very easy to use and does not require any experience from you and does not have any complications.

And for your information ...
There is a set of programs that help you to create software and flash OPPO phones, but today we will talk about a very important and most professional and reliable program for flashing OPPO phones, which is the OPPO Customer Service Tool, whose important features are flashing and formatting for all OPPO phones with ease.

What you only need to implement the steps is a computer or laptop, the phone's USB cable, the ROM file or the flash for your phone, and you can download the flash for your phone or the appropriate software, whether the processor is MTK or QUALCOMM through this link.

Very important notice:

Flashing OPPO phones in the aforementioned way makes formatting and wiping all your data, photos and files on the phone. Therefore, we strongly advise you to make a backup copy of your phone or important data before starting the software for the OPPO phone.

How to flash an OPPO phone with the OPPO Customer Service Tool

After downloading from the Media Fire link available at the bottom of the article, decompress the file with any decompression program such as 7-zip

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

To find all files as in the following picture. Go to the Run program icon called Customer Service Tool.exe.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

How to use OPPO Customer Service Tool

After clicking on the program icon and opening it, the program's language appears in a Chinese language. Do not worry, we will change it. Go to this menu as in the following picture, through which you can change the language in this way in order to be able to understand the program’s tools.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

After changing the language, you will be able to understand the program, and thus the flash box or the box through which you will create software for the OPPO phone will appear.

In order to flash the phone, choose one of the two options, QCOM Download or MTK Download, depending on the type of processor of your phone.

To find out the type of processor for your phone, it is sufficient for you to enter any browser on the Internet and type the name and model of your phone, and a list of search results will appear for you. Choose the first search result and you will find in it among the available information known about the type of processor, whether it is Qualcomm or MTK type.

If your phone is locked with a screen lock and you cannot know the version of the phone to search for it, you can do the following to find out the phone information.

Click on the "emergency call" located at the bottom of the screen

And write this code "# 899 # *"

Then after writing the code, you will notice that the "Engineer Mode" menu has opened.

Now, enter the "Software Version" option from the available options, until all the phone information appears.

Now see the version, then go to the browser and do the previous step.

After knowing the type of processor of your phone, note if your phone has an MTK processor, you will choose this box in the flash "MTK Download" as in the following picture.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

If your phone has a Qualcomm processor, you should click on the QCOM Download tab and perform the rest of the steps as shown in the following image.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

Then you choose the flash file that you downloaded before through the link that I put for you at the top, and you click on choose

It opens your files on the computer for you and you choose where to download the flash drive where you previously saved it.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

Then you choose the Scatter file for your phone's flash drive, then turn off the phone completely and remove the battery if it is not fixed.Now you connect the OPPO phone to the computer via the original USB cable, then return the battery to the phone and click on Start in the program panel, it starts Flashing.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

Here you have to wait a while for the program to finish downloading the flash files to the phone.

Until the end of the tape, which indicates the end of the flash, as in the following picture.

The easiest way to flash OPPO phones the right way

And here you have made software for the OPPO phone easily and without errors.

How to download OPPO Customer Service Tool

Program information:
  • Software name: OPPO Customer Service Tool.
  • What the program does: Flash all OPPO phones that have MTK and Qualcomm processor.
  • Program size: 36.34MB
  • Installation information: It works without installation, just two clicks on the program icon.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • Download link: From the popular site Mediafire.

  • You can download OPPO Customer Service Tool click here
In the end :

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining today, and I was able to provide you with any information, even a simple one, that will benefit you. If you like the explanation, please share it with friends so that the benefit prevails.

So that you will be one of the beneficiaries of our humble explanations and to meet on another topic
With regards

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