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Root Huawei Honor Play phone

How to root Huawei Honor Play phone

Root Huawei Honor Play 

If you are looking for a way to root a Huawei Honor Play phone . then you are in the right place, because today we will give . you a detailed explanation of how to root a phone.

Huawei Honor Play the right way and without mistakes . just follow the article to know the correct way and without any errors . God willing.

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Root Huawei Honor Play phone

Steps to root Honor Play phone

The method that we will explain today is very simple . but at the same time you need to focus completely in order not to lose your phone . because of any error you make and you have to lose your Huawei Honor Play phone . or send it to a maintenance technician who fixes it, and thus you have to pay a lot of money, and you Needless to do so.  you should focus.

A very important warning before starting . you must confirm some things before proceeding with the rooting of Huawei Honor Play.

First, you must make sure of the version of your phone . and is it compatible with the root that we .offer you today or not?
.Because any difference, even slight, will lead to losing the phone.

After confirming the phone version and that this root is compatible with our phone . we proceed to see how to root the Huawei Honor Play using the computer . and you must have a laptop or computer to perform such a process.

For your information, there are ways to root the Huawei Honor Play without using a computer . but for safety, this method is safer and better for the phone.

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As we mentioned before, there is more than one way to root . the Huawei Honor Play phone, and there are many differences in these methods . but in the end all the methods lead to rooting the Huawei Honor Play phone easily. but as we mentioned this is the best way through the use of a computer or laptop.

.Some things must be checked before starting to root Huawei Honor Play

  1. First, the phone battery must be more than 50% charged before starting
  2. Secondly . you must make a backup copy of your data before starting . even if there is any problem, God forbid, your data will be safe
  3. Third, the frp option must be disabled on your phone before . starting in order for the process to .be successful
  4. Fourth, and this is the most important thing . You must know that the modified root and recovery takes the phone out of warranty . and closes the antenna updates for the phone, so you must be aware of this before starting
  5. Fifthly, anything you do on your phone is at your own risk . and we at Druid EG are not completely responsible for any damage . caused to the phone due to the use of any of these instructions.

FRP lock method for Huawei Honor Play
And now I will teach you . how to lock frp protection on your Huawei Honor Play phone

First, go to the phone settings> then go to the About phone option> . then look for the version number or the build number> . and then press it more than 8 times until a message appears with you stating that you have become a developer> . Then go back twice and search for

A new option called developer options> . then enable this option from the top> then activate the usb  .    . debugging option and cancel the .  manufacturer lock or the so-called OEM

Root Huawei Honor Play phone

You have locked the FRP protection

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And now >>>

 Honor Play How to root 

The method depends on flashing a modified recovery of the phone . and then we install the root through the modified recovery . and this method is the case for all Huawei phones and is not very different from it.

After unlocking the bootloader for your phone . the bootloader must be open in order for us to do the operation and the phone allows us to do so. If the bootloader is not open for you . you can see this explanation.

After unlocking the bootloader for Huawei Honor Play .  you must download the required files, which I will attach to you in the last post.

Here is a list of the required files:

  1. Download and install the ADB Fastboot package for your computer
  2. Download USB drivers for phone
  3.   Huawei Honor Play Download the modified recovery for the phone
  4. Download the Huawei Honor Play root file

After downloading from the bottom of the article . I installed the usb drivers that I attached to you. Now you transfer the file . and this is the root file that is responsible for rooting the phone.

Now go to the modified recovery file and change its name to recovery.img . and then move it to the adb folder and the files must be on disk C . and not any other disk on the computer.

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Now that you are in the ADB folder, press the Shift button from the keyboard . and hold down and do not lift your fingers from it. At the same moment . press the right mouse button in any empty space in the ADB folder . and choose this option (Open Command Windows Here)

Or in Arabic, "open the command window here ." Then after opening the command prompt, type this .command (adb reboot bootloader)

Then type the following command (fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery.img).

Then write this command to do a fastboot reboot.

At this time, turn off the phone and then enter it into the recovery mode . and you can enter it by pressing these buttons ....
Volume up button and power button together . press and hold until you see the phone logo

When the logo appears . leave your hand on the power button and continue pressing the Volume Up button only until the . recovery mode is entered.

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In the recovery mode, go to the main menu, then click on the "install" . option and choose the root file that you previously placed in the phone memory. which is called and is in the form of a zip file.

After choosing the root file now, pull the bar below which is called . Swipe to Confirm Flash so that the phone installs the root.

After the rooting process is completed, go back to the main menu again . then press on Reboot and then choose the System option . The phone will restart and after the restart you will find that the phone has become rooted.

And Huawei Honor Play phone has been successfully updated . and congratulations on the root
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.Download the modified Huawei Honor Play root and recovery

.Download the modified recovery from here

.Download the root file from here

.Download and install the ADB Fastboot package for your computer from here

.Download USB drivers here

In the end:

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining today . and I was able to provide you with any information, even a simple one . that will benefit you. If you like the explanation . please share it with friends so that the benefit prevails.

So that you will be one of the beneficiaries of our humble . explanations and to meet on another topic, with my regards, Majdi Mandour ...

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