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How to Xiaomi mi 9t Repair imei

How to Xiaomi mi 9t Repair imei 

, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. We also promised you all that is new and useful from the channel and blog droid-eg. Today we offer you the best and easiest solution to repair an AMI device for the Xiaomi MI 9T latest update and without any problems with all the necessary files Announcement

Xiaomi mi 9t Repair imei without any box

Important notice

The process of reforming the Emmy is considered illegal in some countries, including Turkey and Syria, The site is not responsible for any legal problems that may befall you. This process is only used to repair the original IMEI device

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The correct way to fix IMEI for Xiaomi mi 9t

Before starting, the bootloader must be open to find out how to unlock the bootloader for Xiaomi devices. You can follow our YouTube channel.
After opening the bootloader, we put the device in the fast bot and then install the modified recovery file, which you can download from this

Of course it is an automatic file, just click on the option
MI 9T K20 TWRP AUTO from inside the recovery file

A very important note after flashing the recovery, in case the touch stops, do not worry, use an external mouse until the repair process is completed, the touch will stop only when the modified recovery
After flashing the recovery, enter the Backup tab and take a backup copy of the efs file of course, the method is available on our YouTube channel.

.Now we will install the root file, you can download it from here

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Go to the install box and then install the root. After installing the root, we will not reboot the phone. We open the file for RESET EFS auto, which is an automatic file. Download from here

After switching on the phone, in case the Emi is still present, do not worry, just continue the explanation
After setting the efs, we restart the phone

Xiaomi MI 9T Repair imei without any box
After turning on the device and beeping efs, now my brothers, the dial must be activated either by using traditional commands via the minmal adb tool
Via the following commands
Programming and maintenance
adb shell
setprop sys.usb.config diag, adb
Or my brothers, the easiest solution is to go to the Milking Tool for Tech 9th Edition. Download From here

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Then go to the Xiaomi box and click on activating the tag, then we give the root powers, then we go to the miracle crack and write an amy to the device. Download the crack from here

Repair imei Xiaomi Redmi MI 9T

Or to repair
Delete lock screen
And other devices
We write Emmy No. 2 exclusively.
The IMEI (UMT) is using a tool
Skip Google account
Skip Google account
After fixing the AMI brothers, do not restart, we go to the Qfile tool, download it from here

After writing the file, we restart and congratulate you to fix the AMME with all the necessary files
Then we write the QCN file

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After writing the file, we are now restarting and congratulating you to fix the amy with all the necessary files
With regards, Magdy Mandour

In the end:

I hope, God willing, that I have succeeded in explaining today, and I was able to provide you with any information, even simple, that will benefit you, and if you like the explanation, please share it with friends so that the benefit prevails.

So that you will be one of the beneficiaries of our humble explanations and to meet on another topic. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

With regards, Magdy Mandour ...

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