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All versions of Sony Flash Tool to flash Sony Xperia

Download the latest versions of Sony Flash Tool to work with Sony phones

Today I present to you all versions of the Sony Flash Tool program with old and modern versions of it, and with direct links for free download, and this program is one of the best programs
In dealing with Sony Xperia phones.

And it helps you in flashing or creating software for Sony phones easily and without errors.

All versions of Sony Flash Tool to flash Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia is a kind of smart phone running on the Android system. The first Sony phone was launched in the market on March 1, 2012. It is called another name, which is Sony NXT.

Then Sony produced another version of it with some minor modifications and called it the Sony Xperia SL.

And now it has become one of the leading phones with fame and prestige among other brands, but recently it has been relatively declining among the phones that exist now due to the terrible development, and the tremendous capabilities that other devices bring.

However, Sony phones that run on the Android operating system are the same as any other Android phone. A tool, dongle or box must be obtained to perform all the various software operations.

In order to enable you to update the phone and flash new phone software and a modern flash file, and also enable you to delete the protection and delete the phone lock and pattern. And also delete the 
protection SONY Xperia Reset FRP.

It skipped Google accounts on Sony Xperia devices of various brands and models.

But there are technicians who do not have specialized boxes or dongles or even paid tools to deal online with Sony Xperia devices. Due to their relatively high prices for the junior technician.

The good news is that there are some other free solutions and tools that deal with these phones, and these free tools and programs enable you to flash and update Sony Xperia devices and phones.

An example is the Flash tool for Xperia devices, a free and supported tool from Sony Xperia that flashes Sony phones without using boxes, and you can download the program or tool from this link.

There are also some other programs for flashing and updating Sony Xperia phones, and the most famous of these programs is the Sony Flash Tool program, and this program is 100% free to deal with Sony devices and mobiles.

Among the advantages of this program is the ease of handling it supports a wide range of phones and models from the Sony Xperia brand, and it comes with many versions.

These include versions for Mac operating systems, and other versions for computers running Windows, which are the most used ones now.

There is a wide range of explanations and videos on how to use Sony Flash Tool on the Droid-ManX channel, whether it is the flashing method or the update method, the way to write a new phone software, and even factory settings and decoding protection codes, pattern and phone locking.

Thus, in this article, I provided you with all versions of the Sony Flash Tool, in order to help novice software technicians to obtain multiple versions of the program and save them time and effort.

There are different versions of this program for Windows systems, including those running on the BIT32 kernel or the BIT64 kernel.

Download Sony Flash Tool for Windows: 32bit - 64bit

Here you will find Sony Flash Tool links, starting from the old version until the latest version of the program.

Program version           download link

Sony flashtool- Download
Sony flashtool- Download
Sony flashtool- Download
Sony flashtool- Download
Sony flashtool- Download
Sony flashtool- Download
Sony flashtool- Download

In the end:

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining today, and I was able to provide you with any information, even a simple one, that will benefit you. If you like the explanation, please share it with friends so that the benefit prevails.

So that you will be one of the beneficiaries of our humble explanations and to meet on another topic

With regards, Magdy Mandour ...

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