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Realme lock screen removal without deleting data

Realme lock screen removal

Do Forgot your password Ralmy

here you'll easily open phone Realme . which is on the Android system if you forgot your password. or pattern or PIN code lock . Today I provide you with quite a method to unlock the Realme phones screen lock . I read all the ways to unlock your Realme phone with ease.

We offer free help to reset your password or pattern lock . you'll also unlock your device without losing data. like media files and contacts in some ways . But we aren't liable for data loss thanks to any error .

Realme lock screen removal without deleting data

Delete the lock screen for Realme phones without deleting the data

Some unlocking methods may delete all mobile data like contacts . media files, applications, etc. so you ought to concentrate to the present . point before. startin
. Delete the lock screen for Realme phones without deleting the info 
First, if your phone is locked during a pattern or password . through an application, then during this  .case you'll.use this explanation

We will explain a special and effective thanks to unlock the lock screen . of your Android phone. just in case you forgot it, or for a few reason you would like to unlock the phone . and skip the lock screen .

We hope that you simply don't use this method. to try to to anything contrary to . or that you simply attempt to open a phone that doesn't belong to you . we'll develop a way to open the locked phone. with an application meaning . if you've got created a pattern or password for the phone using any of the lock applications available . on the Play Store.

It is sufficient for you to follow the routes here . albeit they're not convenient solutions for you, but they're going to . fulfill the aim for you to use the mobile again. without the necessity to travel to an Android phone maintenance . technician .

I will explain the tactic visually, then i will be able to show you a video . explaining the tactic .

First, we'll got to enter the safe mode on Realme phone . but how will we enter the REALME safe mode ?

How to enter Safe Mode in REALME

How to open safe mode in REALME ? . the way to exit Safe Mode in REALME.
How to access Safe Mode.
First, press and hold the facility key for a brief time.
When you see the choices appear on the screen . press the pack up option until you see another window that pops up.
Confirm the status by clicking "OK" and wait a couple of seconds for the phone to show off . then , it'll restart . don't raise your hand from this button until the brand appears and when it's triggered . you'll see the Safe Mode message at rock bottom of the screen.
And now you're in safe mode on your phone.
To leave Safe Mode, press and hold the facility key and choose Restart . Only but first let's do what we got for.

Realme lock screen removal without deleting data

After entering the safe mode, you'll enter the phone and your applications easily . and you'll notice that the phone lock has been removed . but you want to enter the appliance s and look for the application that you simply locked your phone screen . with and uninstall it then do a restart of the phone and you'll notice that the lock screen on your phone it's been deleted . and to verify , this method is merely for phones whose screen was locked . by using external applications.
Follow this video to ascertain how .

How to unlock Realme phone by factory reset

Wipe all data on your Realme phone. This
factory reset method will delete all of your mobile data . you'll not catch on back after the reset . you'll also speed up your mobile during this way but everything on the phone . are going to be deleted.
Note and follow the steps below to reset your phone.
Turn off your Realme mobile .
Hold the
Volume Up + Power button
when you see the brand , release all buttons.
Choose the language option and choose your language . using the quantity buttons, and ensure it with the facility button.

Realme lock screen removal without deleting data

Now select the wipe data option.

Realme lock screen removal without deleting data

After that, select and ensure the wipe data option . using the quantity buttons to execute the command with the facility button.
After that, choose OK.
After completion . select the choice to restart and press OK.

Realme lock screen removal without deleting data

Factory reset on your Realme mobile phone.

Unlock the phone by using the other phone or from any computer with one click

Through the Google Find My Device website, you are going to be ready to delete the phone . lock easily.
With this method you'll easily and quickly unlock a mobile . using Android Device Manager or Google's Find My Device service . This method also helps you to wipe all Realme mobile data .
You can also find the situation of your Android device using this feature .
This reset option will erase all data of your device . you'll not recover data after the reset. Also, you can't find the situation of your device.
The method is as follows:
It is by using the other phone or the other computer to hold out this step also . Your phone must have a Gmail account. If not . then there's no got to perform this step.

Use any pc or other mobile to try to to this process . open the browser then attend this site to enter your phone. you'll be asked to log in.

Log in using an equivalent Gmail account that you simply . used on your locked phone, with pattern or password.

After that, you'll be presented with three different options,

Erase the device
Audio playback
Safe device
Unlock your phone
After that, click on the choice to unlock the phone and therefore the lock . are going to be unlocked within seconds, and if you are doing not find this feature . you'll click on the Erase all data option, click thereon , and you'll see the Erase all data menu . 

Finally, press the Erase option .

Your mobile are going to be unlocked successfully . but this feature wipes all data, so you ought to know this before starting.

Watch this explanation to ascertain the tactic . but a note .... during this video, you'll find the reason on Samsung phones and from the Samsung website . but in your case you'll use this site to access your phone 

Solve the problem of forgetting Realme phone style

This step is successful when you have asked Google security . questions while setting up the screen lock .

Unlock Realme Phone with Google Security Questions

This method works exclusively on some models . If you see google security questions on your screen then use this method to unlock Realme Mobile.
Follow the steps below

first, activate your mobile by pressing the facility button.

First, attempt to unlock your device several times . then you'll see that a replacement option appears called Forgot Pattern .

Click on the Forgot Pattern option .

Select the choice to answer the question from Google .

Then write the Google security answer that you simply did while locking your screen.

After that, choose the unlock option .

After that, you'll see a Yes or No option, select Yes.

In this step, create aA new PIN or pattern .

Then your mobile will unlock successfully.

With this, we've provided you with four ways to unlock the Realme phones' . screen lock, and you'll try whatever you wish . but remember that the majority of the methods erase all the info on the phone.
In the end:
I hope, God willing, that I even have succeeded in explaining today . and that i was ready to provide you with any information, even simple . which will benefit you, and if you wish the reason , please share it with friends in order that the benefit prevails.

So that you'll be one among the beneficiaries of our humble . explanations and to satisfy on another topic. Peace, mercy and 
With regards, Magdy Mandour ...

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