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How to root Samsung phone

How to root any Samsung phone through Odin

Lovers and lovers of the world of smartphones, welcome to a new explanation on the DroidEg blog. Today we offer you the best way to root Samsung devices easily using the Odin program, and with one click, you will get the root, but what does the word "root" mean, and what are the benefits of rooting the 
device? What are the disadvantages of "root"?

How to root Samsung phone

root a Samsung phone using Odin

Benefits of rooting Samsung

The benefits of rooting: It helps you to modify system files, for example, how to localize the phone or how to add new features that are not on the phone. Or you can change the line on the Android phone.

Or you can delete or modify all the basic system applications such as YouTube, Google Chrome and other applications. Also change the file format, as in Samsung devices, from FAT to ext2, and a lot of things that help you make root.

What are the disadvantages of "root"

  • One of the disadvantages of rooting is that it takes the phone out of warranty.
  • And it prevents pneumatic updates.
  • And sometimes it makes you vulnerable to viruses.

In principle, you should pay attention to an important note: installing the modified ROOT or recovery will delete all your data, so you must make a backup copy before starting, and you must make sure of that.

The battery must be charged to at least 60% before it starts to work and it should be warned from this point that if your phone is still under warranty, the phone's warranty will be lost due to the rooting process.

Also, all the operations that you perform are at your own risk, and we at Droid EG are not completely responsible for any damage caused to the phone as a result of incorrect use of any of these steps.
If you want to save your data, take a backup before doing anything.

What are the tools needed to root a Samsung phone?

  • Before starting the rooting process, you should pay attention to some things.
  • Make sure to take a backup copy of everything so that you do not lose your data because you will format it while installing the root.
  • The battery is charged over 60%.
  • Use the original cable.
  • The modified root and recovery loses warranty.
  • This process is done on your own responsibility and is not responsible for any errors.
  • FRP should be: OFF via developer options activate OEM optionTo activate this option, follow the following guide:

Go to settings about phone version number and tap on it 7 times to enable developer options on your device. Then go back to Settings Developer options and enable "USB Debugging" and "OEM Unlock".

You should provide the following tools before starting to root your Samsung phone,

 First, we go to the Cf Root developer website to download the appropriate root file for your phone.

 You must download the Odin program or tool

ODIN program for the computer, to download the ODIN program

Sometimes the root needs a specific version of the Odin program. You will find the Odin program bundled into one program that you can download from here

. Install the samsung kies program which automatically installs drivers for all Samsung phones.

Or you can download the drivers directly through this link and install them before starting to root your Samsung phone.

Samsung Definitions for Computer Click here to download

And finally the Samsung Galaxy phone that you want to root or root.

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The best way to work root 

One of the most popular ways to access the root is through Odin and help from a computer. The root file is downloaded, and it is a rooting file, and you should pay attention when downloading the file, as each device has its own file, so it is necessary to make sure that it matches the exact name of the device and its number without changing any number or letter.

To check the version of the phone, go to the settings, then about the phone, then the program information as in the following picture.

How to root Samsung phone

After knowing the version of the phone, go to the Cf Root developer site to download the appropriate root file for your phone in the following picture,
You press Control + the letter f on the keyboard to open the search box with you, you type the version number of your phone and then download.

How to root Samsung phone

Now open Odin and import the root file on it through the AP field.

How to root Samsung phone

Now turn off the phone, then enter the download mode by pressing the main menu button, the volume down button, and the power button at the same time until the Samsung logo appears, then press the volume up again to enter this page, as shown in the following picture.

How to root Samsung phone

Now, connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable, and press START as shown in the following image.

How to root Samsung phone

You will wait until the rooting process of the phone is complete, and this process does not take much time, wait until you receive a notification in green as in the following picture.

How to root Samsung phone

Thus, you will have got a rooted phone easily, but it is not recommended for users who do not have any experience in this field, because the process may contain some risks and the phone may be damaged.

In the end:

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining today, and I was able to provide you with any information, even a simple one, that will benefit you. If you like the explanation, please share it with friends so that the benefit prevails.

So that you will be one of the beneficiaries of our humble explanations and to meet on another topic
With regards, Magdy Mandour ...

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